10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight #3

#3 Count your Calories

Regardless if you keep fit, eat a healthy diet or maintain an active lifestyle. You could still be overweight and have a really hard time losing weight. If doesn’t matter if you have a normal or slow metabolism. If you keep a food diary you should find out why you aren’t losing weight. Statistics show that the general population unknowingly under report about 50% of what they eat.
1. Keep a food diary for a period of 9 Days.
2. Keep a video diary for the first 5 days. Give a review of what you ate for the day, when and how much.
3. Then for the last 4 days, keep a written food diary immediately afterwards of what, when, and the amount.
4. This will show you that most people take in more calories than they are aware. According to your gender, age and height.
5. Once you find out your daily calorie intake.
6. You should begin to lose weight when you take in about 20% less calories.

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