10 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss #4 & #5

#4 Don’t Blame your metabolism

 You are very likely to have a normal metabolism: If you are over weight, you are simply eating more calories than your body needs and store the excess as fat. There are some simple ways to make dieting less painful for example:

BREAKFAST: Black Coffee = 10 calories vs Cappuccino = 100 calories so with 3 black coffees a day and you’ve already saved about 270 calories.
Dry Toast = 120 calories vs Pastry (donut) = 270 calories
LUNCH: Grilled Chicken Salad with vinaigrette = 250 calories
Same salad with croutons, mozzarella and creamy dressing is = 450 calories

#5 Protein staves off hunger pangs

The more lean protein in your meals will keep you feeling fuller for longer but do count your calories. .
1. Don’t get starving hungry, keep protein snacks on hand.
2. Eat protein rich foods like, lean meats, eggs, beans and fish. They will keep you feeling fuller for longer than other foods.
3. Just 10% more protein in your breakfast will make you fill fuller for longer
and ensure you to eat less for lunch.

- Source: opdocumentaryfilms.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-losing-weight/