10 Things You Should Know About Losing Weight 6,7,8,9,10

#6 Soup Keeps you feeling fuller for longer: There is scientific proof that the stomach shrinks vs solids and expands vs liquids. When you have a smoothie, for soups, you will feel fuller longer. Eat a healthy soup.

#7 The wider the choice the more you eat. The more choices you have to make as for eating, it's been proven that you will make a bad food choice or just eat more food. 

#8 Low Fat Dairy helps you excrete more fat. Calcium in dairy products can help you lose weight: The calcium binds to the fat molecules in your small intestines and create a substance that pass through your system and excreted.

#9 Exercise keeps burning fat while you sleep. When you exercise, you burn a number of calories. When you stop exercising and be at rest. Your metabolism continues to burn calories over the night, well into the next day.

#10 Move more or just be more active in your day. You can burn an extra 240 calories. If you keep up this daily and you could burn off about 26 lbs in a year. 

These are tips that can help you lose fat, and most importantly lose the visceral fat (internal).