10 Ways to get back on track

10 ways to get back on track
after Valentines Day


How much Chocolate did you eat on Valentines Day? I'm sure the moment
you reached for the chocolate (or any desert)
you started to have a superego breakdown.

1. Limit yourself to the all left over chocolate
    from 0 to 1 a day.

2. Forgive yourself for yesterday and pledge to yourself that you will start fresh
 and new NOW

3. Whatever you do, don't skip breakfast. It will
    set you up for overeating later in the day.

4. Fix or have a healthy breakfast; kashi cereal or
    oatmeal and walnuts or fruit with egg whites.

5. Log your food calories in your Food Journal

6. Drink water 10 minutes before eating a veggie and protein
    packed lunch.

7. Exercise before or after dinner. If after dinner go light.

8. Go for 10 Walk after dinner, it will lead to less
    bloating after eating.

9. Get on the Scale and face the damage, then write it down. 

10.No snacks before bed. Brush your teeth, get online and
     log your exercise and meals for the day.