Diabetes Proof Your Body

Diabetes Proof your body

Workout smarter not longer!

If diabetes runs in your family, you need to watch your weight too. To keep diabetes at bay, it's known to be a simple formula: Move more. The more you exercise, the better your body handles blood sugar and insulin, scientist found. It sounds like the obvious report, but up until now research had mixed results on the effect of cardio on blood sugar. This is known to be the first study to show the more you exercise the better your insulin sensitivity. 

After 4 months researchers found that people who had burned he most calories per week saw the greatest improvement in insulin sensitivity. With higher intensity workouts, which boost more calories per hour also make a significant impact in slowing the path to diabetes. 

As you continue to exercise over the few days, your body learns to handle insulin more efficiently, which helps prevent type 2 diabetes says author Francesca Amati, M.D., Ph.D University of Lausanne.

Here's my advice. Workout smarter, not longer. I say workout about 28 minutes a day 14 minutes in the morning and 14 minutes in the afternoon or evening. Walk for 60 seconds followed by a 30 second sprint, for 9 cycles. Your very last walk will last for 2 minutes for your cool down. You can do this interval program on any exercise cardio equipment. If you are strapped for time, this is the perfect cardio workout for you. If this isn't tough enough for you, then only allow 30 seconds of walk time, or 15 seconds of walk time. Have fun with it. 

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Source: Men's Health