Exercising in the Heat: How to stay cool

I trained other clients in the heat for the next 3 hours. 

Here in Dallas Texas it's about 95 degree fahrenheit in the shade and 

that's considered a cold front. Boy is it hot here in the summers. 

Have you ever stood too to the oven when the door comes open  and the 

heat just rush to your face and it feels like it burns off your eye brows?

We'll that's the sensation you get when you are outside in the middle of the day here.

After the sessions outside in the heat, I felt great. Let me explain to you 

how and why.

Why is exercising in the heat so hard on your body but yet it could be good for you?   Your heart rate is mostly high the whole you are training in the heat, because it has to work harder to deliver blood to your muscles and to your skin. So you will feel the stress from your heart and body working so much harder to maintain focus, so you may feel fatigue. GOOD= You will get use to it over time and it will get easier - choose morning or evening not in the middle of the day. You will get in awesome shape if your are careful and hydrated. 

Hydration is key to working in the heat.  16.9 oz bottle of water is about .5 liters. When you get up in the morning at 5am, I drink 1/2 bottle (16.9oz) of water 1/2 protein shake and my AdvoCare vitamins. I'll go and teach a fitness class at 6am then after the class I'll have the other 1/2 protein shake and fruit for breakfast and drink bottle 1/2 bottle of water (.5 liter). I'll then teach another fitness class at 8am then after class, I'll drink my AdvoCare rehydrate before, during and my following sessions. So if you are going to be in the heat, hydrated before, during and after your time in the sun.