Free Workout


Warm up on treadmill 5 minutes 4.0 pace incline

2Legs -DB  Squats  12 reps 2 min rest (watch the knees and monitor his back, maintain the natural lordotic curve)

Back - Seated Lat Row  12 reps 2 min rest (cue the lats, monitor the spine is straight all times even when leaning forward, spot at the arms)

Chest - Chest Press 12 reps 2 min rest (cue the pecs, monitor the neck and lower back position, the spot at the wrist and some at the elbows)

ABS...Resista Ball Crunches *slow and controlled* really slow up and down 15 reps
Legs- Leg Press 12 reps 1 min rest

DB Shoulder Press 12 reps 1 min rest

Back - Lat Pull down 12 reps 1 min rest

Shoulder fly 12 reps 1 min rest

DB Bicep Flexion 12 reps 1 min restTricep Ext. *supine* on back 12 reps 1 min rest

ABS- Bicycle crunches 50 reps on the mat.

Cool down...light stretching or walking on the treadmill.

Do this at your own risk. Consult a Doctor before starting any exercise program. Camp DaveFiT is not responsible for any complications that may occur, during or after following this regiment. This is for informational purpose only.