Keeping fit

 Keeping or getting fit this summer

We are well into the summer months and most of us have been on a vacation of some sort. Even if we haven't left the town, we sometimes check out of our normal routine and splurge a little. Last week I was on vacation and of course, I relaxed and ate a little too much of everything I really enjoy. Now that I'm back home, it's time to balance things out.

But in spite of what I eat, I always make it a
priority to get in my workouts, or a high calorie burning activity.

Here's what a typical calorie burning "summer" week looks like for me.

Sunday - morning walk, evening light body weight workout

Monday - 2 mile walk, interval speed training, evening bike ride

Tuesday - high intensity resistance training

Wednesday - 2 mile morning walk, evening bike ride, late evening swim

Thursday - 28 min. high intensity fat burning workout

Friday - 2 mile walk (35 minutes)

Saturday - High intensity 800 calorie fat burning class

All of my personal workouts take 45 minutes or less.

Do take into account that there are 2-3 family and dog walks
30 minutes or more each week.
Walking is great for exercise, but it may not be enough
if you want to burn serious fat fast.

This is how I stay lean through out the year,
even during the holiday season.
When I need to burn some extra calories for whatever
reason (dessert).

I make a small change in my schedule.

That small change is...

And if you'd like to see the workout that I use
to burn about 550 calories in just 30 minutes,
then follow me on Facebook starting this week.