Professional Fitness & Performance Training

Athlete - Training Program

  • Sports Training and Nutrition Program  

    • Football
    • Track
    • Lacrosse
    • Baseball
    • Hockey
    • Tennis 
  • Learn what it takes to increase: Speed - Power - Agility -  Reaction and  Quickness to increase performance and reduce the risk of injury (read more)

About the Camp DaveFiT corporate fitness program 

Camp DaveFiT has a corporate fitness and wellness program designed to help your company create and maintain a healthier culture and you will notice an increase in employee engagement and productivity. I find that employees want to be in a healthier mindset and get in better physical shape

No gym or workout facility necessary.

  • Fun and energizing atmosphere
  • Group Fitness Challenges
  • Brining On-site Fitness Classes to you
  • Reduce care cost and sick time used
  • Reduction in Stress Related Illness
  • Create a Healthier and more Dynamic Workplace

Motivation, accountability and Camp DaveFiT experience is delivered by an ex-NFL Player and program coordinator - David Thompson

Give me an opportunity to help your employees. It will help your bottom line.

Contact me for you corporate consultation:

Fitness Classes

  • Fitness Classes  CAMP daveFIT classes are designed for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels.  Individuals can reach and maintain their fitness goals through a focus on cardiovascular training which is complimented by core work, flexibility as well as strength. (read more)

Personal Training

  • Personal Training David's personal training programs are customized and designed specifically for his clients and their individual health and fitness needs.
  • Health and Fitness Assessment
  • Customized fitness program designed to reduce body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, functional lifestyle exercise, agility and flexibility.
  • He also works with individual clients on pre and post rehab exercises. 
  • David trains his clients at Camp DaveFIT - Trophy Fitness Club Addison, or in the convenience of their home

Training Sessions range from 30-60 Minutes

Please note that prices are based on individual client needs:

In your home - Coming to you to even with minimum of equipment.

Trophy Fitness Club, Addison - With a gym membership