Spring Break Workout 2012

Follow this plan for 3 times a week.

Complete each exercise with 0 rest.

After completing the series rest for 2 Min 

then REPEAT 4 Times total.


WARM UP with a light job, or running in place.

1. Reverse Lunge 10 Reps per leg (back leg straight)

2. Body weight Squats

3. Supine Knees up (reverse crunches)

4. Pushups  or (modified knees on floor)

5. Side Kicks with a hop 10 per leg

6. Tricep Dips use (step, chair, sofa or bench)

7. Mountain Climbers 10 per leg

8. Bicycle Crunches on our back. 

GET UP and REPEAT for 3 SETS!!!

Consult your doctor before beginning any fitness plan or program.

By following this information...you assume all risk.